22 Nov by Master Link Express

Drones set to revolutionize courier services in Uganda

November 22, 2019 Master Link Express/Reuters (KAMPALA) – Drones for delivering parcels and all types of goods is receiving massive investment from some really big players all over the globe. With large companies such as Amazon, Walmart, UPS, Google and other global postal companies investing in drone delivery projects, it is only a matter of […]
20 Nov by Bwire Benjamin

List of prohibited, restricted or banned items in Uganda’s courier services

November 28, 2019 Master Link Express (KAMPALA) – We have researched and freely published information  about Shipping guidelines, standard prohibitions and restrictions to consider when sending express shipments to Uganda. This information has been compiled from trustworthy sources including Uganda Revenue Authority and Uganda Communications Commission. List of Prohibited Items The World Customs Organisation (WCO), […]
20 Feb by Master Link Express

UCC lists 26 firms operating illegal postal, courier services

February 20, 2019 Master Link Express (KAMPALA) – Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has warned about 40 postal and courier services companies, saying they risk closure or face legal action if they do not stop operating illegally. In a notice published early this week, UCC said that out of 63 companies offering postal and courier service, […]
17 Dec by Master Link Express

Domestic marine cargo covers could boost insurance market

Presently importers insure their cargo in the country of origin through their suppliers (KAMPALA) – For many decades, Uganda’s insurers and re-insurers never imagined that they could cash in on marine cargo insurance business amid the large volume of business involved in international trade. This is due to the fact that importers, for unknown reasons, […]
20 Jun by Master Link Express

UCC warns bus companies offering illegal courier services

June 20, 2018 Master Link Express (KAMPALA) – Companies offering regional courier services will pay $2,500 (Shs9.6m) while international couriers and postal reserved national operators will pay $5,000 (Shs19.2m) Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has warned unlicenced bus companies to stop offering courier services or risk serious repercussion. Speaking in an interview yesterday, Mr Fred Otunnu, […]