28 Nov by Master Link Express

Customs Services

Customs Services and Support in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania

You can relax as our experienced staff handles all customs, clearing, forwarding and general supply related services, with professionalism, and commitment.

We understand the difficulties of cross border trade. Our highly efficient customs brokerage, clearance and forwarding service is designed to take the complexity out of the customs process, so that you can move your goods efficiently across international borders.

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Customs Brokerage, Clearance and Forwarding

We’re your personalized Customs expert – Master Link Express processes hundreds of customs entries every day. We use local expertise to understand diverse Customs regulations – which means for our customers – shipments are cleared quickly and efficiently.

Master Link Express Customs Locations

We have customs agents in more than 10 locations in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya to assist you with standard and supplementary customs services listed below:

  • Import and Export clearance
  • High value clearance
  • Clearance authorization
  • Multi-line entry clearance
  • Bonded storage
  • Handover to broker
  • Post-clearance modification
  • Advice on tariff quotas
  • Advice on content classification
  • Bonded transit
  • Disbursements

For a full list of locations, please feel free to check our contact page.

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